This was a free conference hosted by Veritas Evangelical Seminary held on Friday night and all day Saturday.

This is the second year they have run this, and numbers have grown from last year – almost filling the 2300 seat venue. This picture was taken during Steve Meyer’s talk Signature in the Cell:

You can view the program here to see who was speaking and the topics.

I spent much of this conference meeting/talking/networking with others. The main highlights were:

  • Enjoying dinner (twice) with Bill Demski and a very late-night with Dr Steve Meyer.  See my post on that here.


  • Meeting with Lee Strobel before his presentation. We briefly discussed the possibility of coming out to New Zealand, which he was open to.


  • I spent some time talking with Dr Norman Geisler about Thinking Matters, which he was very enthusiastic about. He has been to NZ several times and said he’d be happy to return. He gave me a CD containing 180 power-point presentations of his most popular talks (this was being sold for US$150 – so a very kind gift).

Other highlights included:

  • Meeting Sarah Flashing from the International Society for Women in Apologetics. Her passion was for encouraging and supporting women to get more involved in apologetics activities, something I wholeheartedly endorse.


  • Meeting Charlie Campbell from Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry. Charlie kindly gave me a discount on some of his DVD titles.  I haven’t been aware of his work until now, so I’m looking forward to watching these DVD’s on my return to NZ.